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Branding & Promotional Products in New Zealand

If you are a company that cares about your customer’s satisfaction, you have probably been wondering where you can get quality promotional products, and personalised gifts to give to them. You may even be thinking about gifts for your staff members to spread some Christmas cheer. FatCat Promotions helps make your decision easy.

Promotional Products & Personalised Gifts

FatCat, Just like you, aim at leaving their clients happy. They supply corporate gifts, branded clothing, and very unique promotional products. They brand them to suit your needs.

Why FatCat?

  • A shopping cart to facilitate easy quoting
  • A mailing list to keep you up to date on the latest monthly specials
  • Competitive prices
  • Years of experience
  • Huge variety of products
  • Prompt delivery
  • Free gifts (limited time only)
  • Christmas gift ideas
  • Eco-friendly products

The two latest additions have re-defined shopping at FatCat. The first, which is the shopping cart, has made things much easier. Just add as many items as you would like quoted for, and then simply check out. The second addition is their mailing list. When you sign up for this, you will receive monthly notifications on the featured products and specials for that particular month.

If you are not sure about what gifts would best suit your company just browse their website. You will find gift ideas, and with the Christmas holidays closing in, awesome ideas for Christmas gifts.

FatCat deal with a variety of products such as; tools, branded clothing, bags, corporate or business gifts, drinks, technology gifts, leisure gifts, sports gifts, almost anything you would like to give as a gift or promotional item. They even provide personalised gifts, that you can buy for yourself, or someone else.

With FatCat You are always assured of very professional service. Why wait? Just visit their website today!


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Getting a Small Business Website Is As Easy As 123

As their business grows, most companies need a website to showcase their products or services. However, many businesses are put off by how complicated and expensive the process can be. By using the services of a local web design company, businesses are able to eliminate some of the uncertainty involved in web design and get a website that meets their requirements.

For example if you are looking for a local Web Design Auckland company with a proven track record you can’t go past 123 Online who have designed over 1400 small business websites.

Web Design Auckland 123

Small businesses interested in getting a new website can contact the 123 Online team who will discuss the nature of the business as well as their goals. The consultants will provide information about the various web design packages available, the features as well as the prices. There is no obligation for the business to purchase any package.

The Design Process

Once a business places an order, each customer is assigned a project manager who is their one point of contact throughout the entire web development process. Additionally, the client will be assigned a web designer who will work with them to design the website graphics and layout as required. The web developer assigned to the project will ensure that the website is coded and functions properly.

Each website includes a content management system (CMS) which allows the customer to easily update the content on the site. Initially 123 Online will work with the web designer to tweak the content as desired. Once the design process is completed, the business can then take the reins and make any updates themselves.

After the design is complete, 123 Online will check the design and submit it to the customer for approval. After the design is approved, the site goes live. In case of any problems, 123 Online also offers ongoing customer support.

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The Belkin View Case for iPhone 5

When it comes to protecting and covering your iPhone, you should never cut corners when it comes to quality. There are a ton of iPhone 5 cases out there but many are made from cheap material with a lackluster design. If you are looking for an attractive looking case from a trusted manufacturer, look no further than the Belkin view case.

This case gives the user comfort, style, and protection for a more than reasonable price. Many cases out there tend to be a bit bulky and awkward, making it difficult to fit in your pocket. The simplistic and slim design of the view case adds a minuscule amount of bulk to your phone without interfering with any of the buttons.

The innovative design of this case makes it stand out amongst other generic models. The transparent design has a polycarbonate panel that allows people to see your iPhone’s original design. The border of the phone is made with a TPU border, giving the user an ample amount of grip and comes in six different vibrant colours.

Belkin View iPhone 5 Cases

Belkin has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of quality iPhone 5 accessories and this case is no exception. The durable material and sturdy design gives your iPhone protection from scratches and impact damage. While other cases practically double your phone in size, the view case offers a slim alternative.

Overall this case is one of the best available cases in its price range. The see-through design with a touch of color gives your phone a unique and sophisticated touch. This combines with the colored border to give it visual appeal and a firm grip to prevent harmful drops. Best of all, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort or add unnecessary bulk to your device just to get protection.

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5 Steps to Better Search Engine Optimisation

One of the biggest challenges facing website owners is traffic generation. This is usually achieved by getting the best possible rankings within the search engines, which comes down to trying to get onto the first page of Google, or other smaller search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

It’s important to understand if you are promoting a popular product or service you may have hundreds if not thousands of other businesses all competing for those top spots. For you to get the edge over the competition you have to take advantage of search engine optimisation. This is not as complex as it sounds and the steps below will provide you with some guidelines to help you on your way.

Step 1: Check the layout and design of your website

Whilst you may think you have an impressive looking website, it could also be the major cause of your problems. Does your content start half way down the page, making it more difficult for your visitors to engage with and understand what your site is about? Have you got over sized graphics that make your page slow to load, or too much white space between the lines? It’s not difficult to tweak your pages to improve your sites usability and search engine performance.

Step 2: Have you placed your keywords strategically throughout your pages?

Keyword stuffing can be detrimental to your site but so can having a lack of keyword focus. It’s no longer good enough just to put your keywords in the title and meta tags, you need to have them sprinkled appropriately throughout your content. Your main keyword should ideally to be found within the first paragraph of text, and should also be used within your headlines and in your hyperlinks (

Step 3: Text links and site maps

To get your site found by the search engines you need to make sure that all of your pages can easily be found by the search engine spiders when they crawl your site; which means you need to make sure your site is indexed correctly. It’s important to include a sitemap on your website that lists all the links to your inner pages. Another good habit to get into is creating a navigation menu using text links, these are a lot easier for the search engine spiders to follow and will ensure they can easily navigate through your site.

Step 4: Backlinks – Quality vs. Quantity

When you are trying to position yourself within a highly competitive category you will need quality backlinks to your site, preferably from high authority, relevant sites when you can get them. You will find that when your site has valuable content, others will be more willing to link to it as it can provide credibility for their own sites. But this can take time to build up, in the meantime you can actively search for quality link sources yourself. It’s vital to understand that quality trumps quantity any day in terms of improving your sites search engine performance.

Step 5: Keep up to date with search engine changes

Search engines change their rules quite frequently and it is important to keep yourself up to date. This isn’t as hard as it may sound, there are numerous forums and blogs on the internet that regularly post information on the latest changes. Receiving email updates from the leading SEO blogs, or joining relevant forums is a great way to keep up to date.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be complex, but following these simple steps will help to provide you with the basics you need for getting started. Alternatively you can always hire a reputable SEO services provider to take care if the process for you.

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